Timothy Stackpole Hero WOD 09/20/14

It is on the Day of Remembrance that we announce an amazing event to honor one of the many fallen heroes of September 11, 2001…
Please join us in honoring the life of Timmy Stackpole. He was a loving husband, father, son, brother and friend to many. After being seriously burned in a house fire on Atlantic Ave in Brooklyn, NY, he struggled to recover from his injuries so he could return to the job he so loved. As fate would have it, on that beautiful late summer morning of September 11th, Timmy along with 342 of his beloved brothers, and with his very scarred legs, stepped into history.

He is missed terribly by all those who knew him and loved him. After 11 years we strive to teach others about his bravery and selfless approach to life. Our world can use more Timmy Stackpole’s… us keep his spirit alive.

On September 20th, we will gather at CrossFit Port Washington to honor this great man with a Hero Workout named for him.  If you are interested in participating in the workout or making a contribution to the Captain Timothy Stackpole Foundation please contact Shannon at CrossFit Port Washington at 631-807-0484.  

5RFT (For his 5 beautiful children)
9 Chest to Bar/11 Clean and Jerks/2001m Run (Date of his passing)


LURONG paleo Challenge

Hey Guys,
The challenge begins on September 15th. Don’t miss out. We will be programming the workouts into our class WODs, so you will be doing it anyway. CFPW is a registered affiliate. Join the roster ASAP. Please let me know if you have any questions. You should be able to follow the link below to get started. 
The Lurong Living Paleo Challenge platform allows for athletes to compete as an individual and for their Affiliate Team. This is a diet and fitness competition that features a balanced scoring system, making it possible for anyone to win. Participants earn points for their diet (Clean/Cheat) 6 time periods per day, and performance in workouts, but they also rack up points for how much improvement in performance and body composition they see. In addition there are several other engaging features which help earn bonus points such as submitting new recipes and tracking personal goals. During the Challenge there are 3 benchmark WODS which are performed at the beginning an end of the Challenge and 4 separate performance WODS.

Each WOD has 3 skill levels with standardized movements, making them accessible for everyone from competitive athletes to on-rampers. So yes, we are all doing this together. And to make things more exciting, building a team of at least 20 athletes qualifies the affiliate for a host of team prizes. Overall, there is more than $100,000 in prizes on the line.

We have also partnered with Fed Up Meals delivery service to help you kick start your challenge.  


Food for Crossfitters prepared by real culinary trained chefs, Fed Up Healthy Meals is an easy & convenient way to clean up your nutrition, perform better, and have it delivered right to the box. 

The first delivery to CFPW on September 15th (and every Monday & thereafter). The order cutoffs are:
Thursday evening by midnight for Monday delivery 

The complete menu, along with ingredient lists and nutrition facts can be found here: Fed Up Meals

Ordering instructions and FAQs can be found here :

Also, members can get 15% off on their first order by using the code “CFPW15” until September 31 in the coupon box at checkout.

If you have any questions reach out to one of your coaches or shoot us an e-mail.

Ladies of Long Island Athlete Showcase 10/11/14


Come out October 11th to check out some of the top Female CrossFit athletes on Long Island. These ladies have been a force to reckon with over the past couple of years in the NorthEast region.

Whether this is your first experience with CrossFit or you’re an avid CrossFit athlete come on down and see what these ladies have got. 

Let’s get to know these ladies a little bit better.

Francesca Emanuele 

After years of aspiring to be a figure competitor I finally got introduced to CrossFit and fell in love immediately. The beauty of CrossFit is that it keeps me constantly entertained and being that I am someone who could get bored very easily there is never a dull moment. The best part is the challenge, it just never gets easy and always keeps me humble. My boyfriend was the one who saw faith in me and threw me into the madness and now remains as my biggest supporter. I wouldn’t be where I am today without him. My life has done a complete 180 ever since I started in this sport. I am a full time coach, enthusiast, and competitive athlete. I finally feel like I have found my TRUE passion in life. I’m also proud to be helped along the way on this fitness journey by my amazing sponsors The Barbell Cartel, No Limits Sports Apparel. 

Back squat - 285
Front Squat - 255
Snatch - 175
Clean - 220
Jerk - 230
Bench Press - 175


Melissa Akel

After getting bored with kickboxing, as I did with most things, I tried CrossFit in November of 2011 and never looked back. Level 1, gymnastics and USAW certified, I currently coach at Freedom Barbell. Worked my ass off to qualify for regionals last year and am looking forward to what the future brings for me! P.S. Mother of 2!

Back Squat - 280
Front Squat - 245
Snatch - 155
Clean and Jerk - 205

Here’s Melissa at the 2014 NorthEast Regionals.


Erica Pollock

I’m a mother of 2 who started CrossFit in October of 2011 and was instantly hooked. I started competing a few months later. I qualified for regionals individually in 2013 and 2014. I decided to go team one year, and this year went for individual. I am the owner of Islip CrossFit and hold a level 1 cert. I recently became a sponsored athlete of Lurong Living and have been competing with them in team competitions. My proudest CrossFit memory would be competing along side my sister at the CrossFit regionals! Very special moment for me.

Clean 215
Jerk 215
OHS 200
Snatch 160
DL 360
Back squat 250
Front squat 230

Here’s Erica with her kids post 2014 NorthEast Regionals.


Amy Mandelbaum

Wife, mother, business owner, coach, and competitive athlete, Amy’s background is in theater, voice and dance. “Pistol”, as everyone calls her in her box, is a multi-tasker and a doer. Before she embarked on her CrossFit journey, she had a long career in broadcast production. Although she has no real athletic background, she has always been active. Amy was introduced to CrossFit five years ago and Amy has been devoted to the sport ever since. The sport brought out her competitive spirit and drive and has helped to keep her focused on overcoming ALL obstacles. Amy trains 5 days a week and eats a modified paleo diet. Amy also coaches four days a week and owns a paleo treat baking company called Crave: Intelligent Indulgence. Amy is sponsored by NutriForce Sports, Proanox and RPM Fitness. Her goal is to inspire her children and people around her to always aim high, never settle and work the things you don’t like. It’s the only way to get better at them.

Northeast Sectionals 2010
Northeast Regionals - Individual 2011
Crossfit World Opens 2011
Crossfit Northeast Regionals Affiliates Comp - 5th Place 2012
Garage Games Team Comp 1st Place 2012
Crossfit World Opens 1st place 2012
Crossfit Northeast Regionals Affiliates Comp 5th Place 2012
Crossfit Games (Masters 45-49) 4th place 2013
Crossfit World Opens 2nd place 2013
Crossfit Games (Masters 45-49) 4th Place 2014
Crossfit World Opens 2nd Place 2014
Crossfit Masters Qualifier 1st Place 2014
Crossfit Games (Masters 45-49) 2014
New York Rhinos NPGL over 40 female

Back Squat - 260
Clean - 202
Clean & Jerk - 185
Snatch - 135
Front Squat - 235

Amy being a bad ass.


Ricklynn Long

After being honorably discharged from the Marine Corps in 2010, I struggled to find some kind of activity to keep me fit and motivated. Then I was introduced to CrossFit September 2012, I was hooked after the first workout. Seven months later I was encouraged to get my level one and start training to compete. I quit my government career to help my boyfriend run his gym and train full time. Because of my new flexible schedule I was able to begin my own “paleo inspired” cookie business, “Lil Riki’s Krave Kookies”. I competed at regionals with my team in 2014, and I’m now training with determination to compete as an individual in 2015. I recently began training for my first weightlifting meet coming up in September. For my weight class, I unofficially have a qualifying total for Nationals. I am a sponsored athlete for The Barbell Cartel and I will be holding a women’s seminar (with Francesca) discussing nutrition and the benefits of heavy lifting. I am also sponsored by Formulx, and am now partnering up with them to make the best protein cookies ever created!

Snatch: 140 lbs
Clean and Jerk: 185 lbs
Back Squat: 240 lbs
Front Squat: 210 lbs
Deadlift: 315 lbs
Clean: 195
OHS: 175

Ricky all smiles no matter what at the 2014 NorthEast Regionals.


I’d like to take the time to shout out our AMAZING sponsors. 

Nooks n Kindles

CleanSnatch Soap

No Limits Sports

Barbell Cartel

Lil Riki’s Krave Kookies

Flint & Steel Coffee Company

July Members Of The Month



Dorian and Nicole, all of us at CFPW cannot begin to tell you how proud we are of you guys. Not only are we proud to call you members of our gym family, but we couldn’t be more proud to call you guys friends.

These two are the definition of hard work. Over the past couple of months you may have seen these two staying after class and hitting some extra work. Well…more like Nicole bribing Dorian to get some extra running in. 


Some words from Nicole:


I started doing CrossFit when I joined CFPW in May 2014. I joined because I saw my boyfriend, Dorian having so much success with it and also thought it would be a great way to lose weight. I didn’t realize that by joining that I would be gaining so much more. Since joining I’ve gained a very supportive community, a more positive self-body image, confidence, and greater happiness. Before doing CrossFit, I would go to a spin or hot yoga class or ran on the treadmill every once in a while at other gyms. At other gyms I felt extremely self-conscious and intimidated. I would never wander off into the weight section of the gym because I was so afraid of people watching me or doing something wrong. I love that at CFPW everyone is so supportive and willing to help with any questions. For the first time in my life, going to the gym is the best part of my day. I love being able to go and have people who truly care about my progress sit and work with me whenever I go. Being able to work out with Dorian and get to see how far he’s come in his fitness journey is amazing. If I had one regret about this journey, it would be that I didn’t start sooner.

Front Squat - 125lbs 
Back Squat - 130lbs
Press - 70lbs
Deadlift - 200lbs
Clean - 85lbs
Timed Mile - 11ish

Some words from Dorian

I tried CrossFit a few times over 2013, but because of logistics it was difficult to keep up with it. So in reality I’ve been doing CrossFit since February of 2014 when I joined CFPW. I recently hit my 100th workout at CFPW and couldn’t be happier with all the changes and results I’ve seen and felt. It’s been a life changing experience here at CFPW, before joining waking up for work was miserable. I’d sleep in until I had to head to work. Now I’m up hours before doing something productive with myself. I have more energy to get me through my day at work, and I’m not out of breath after climbing 3 flights of stairs or after running a few city blocks. Prior to joining CFPW my workout routine was walking around a gym getting told to get off the treadmill or the weight machines and lift a big dumbbell or leave. Being able to go to class or open gym with my girlfriend Nicole and do exactly the same movements and watch her succeed and surprise herself is amazing. Getting a text message with her latest PR while I’m at work or seeing a photo of her giving it her all couldn’t make me prouder. The support from the family I’ve gained from CFPW keeps me wanting to come back and push to do better.

List of stats before CFPW and at this current point in time

Back Squat - 315lbs
Front squat - 275lbs
Deadlift- 405lbs
Clean- 175lbs
Max Push Ups - 25
Max Pull Ups - 5
Max HSPU- 2
Timed Mile - 9:35
Body Weight - Starting 265lbs Currently 238lb 



#Dorcole Before CFPW


#Dorcole After CFPW plus Simba the fluffiest dog on the planet.


Flint & Steel Coffee Company Sampling

This Saturday 08/16/14 Flint and Steel Coffee Company will be stoping by and sampling out some of their products. They will be here between 7 and 10am so get fueled up pre-wod with some good old fashioned CAFFEINE!!! (three exclamation marks means some serious business) 

We take our coffee seriously here. We don’t mess around. In fact, we care more about coffee than CrossFit…GASP! So you can see why we’re so happy to have this local Long Island company come by. Whether you’re taking class or not stop by the box and try them out.



And here is Dave Grohl in “Fresh Pots” because coffee and rock music.

In-House Competition / CMC Summer Training Tour

This past Saturday we were fortunate enough to be one of the first stops on the Civilian Military Combine’s ”Summer Training Tour”. Not only did we give everyone a taste of what the beginning of the CMC would feel like but we also wanted to highlight who had the best times for the day on our version of “The PIT”. 

The WOD was,
8 min AMRAP
5 Ground To Overhead (115/75)
7 Burpee Box Jump Overs (24/20)
9 Kettlebell Swings (53/35)

Rest 8 Mins 

1 Mile Run

Here are the results, from our in-house competition. 
Top RX Male Score
Tommy Roszko - 5 rds + 4 Ground to Overhead 

Top RX Female Score 
Sabrina Roszko - 5rds + 2 Ground to Overhead

Top Mile Time
Brian Valenza - 5:54

Damn Roszko’s aren’t human I tell ya!  Fittest couple on earth, hands down.


Tommy and Brian pre mile run.  #BaldFit  #NoHairDontCare  #twinning

Verne post 1 mile run. Coming in at 5:55. 1 second behind Brian Valenza =(

Here’s a little highlight from the day.

We are so proud of how everyone performed this past Saturday and if you’re interested in trying your luck at “THE PIT”, we’re hosting another CMC “Summer Training Tour” stop this August 16th. Come on down, bring a friend and do work.


CFPW Endurance Class

We areexcited to announce the addition of CFPW ENDURANCE to our CrossFit schedule.

CFPW Endurance is a high intensity workout that uses constantly varied, functional movements without using a barbell or complex Olympic lifts. This class will focus primarily on metabolic conditioning and improving your overall endurance and stamina while building strength. CFPW Endurance will use gymnastics, running, rowing and accessory movements (wallballs, kettlebells, etc.) to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Basically think of the best CF workouts that don’t use a barbell and there will be no Olympic lifts (clean, jerk or snatch).

This class does not require a Foundations program to begin. The first classes will meet next week on Monday, July 14th at 1030am and Tuesday, July 15th at 1030am. This class is in the trial stages, so a firm schedule is not set. we will post week by week for the month of July.

If you have a friend or family member who has wanted to try CrossFit this would be a great class to try!! The first class is FREE!!
Please let us know if you have any questions. You can email us to reserve your spot at


Custom CFPW Wrist Wraps!

Hey boys and girls we will be placing an order together for these awesome CFPW wrist wraps this Friday.

All you need to do is shoot us an e-mail or tell us in person to put you down for a pair (or ten). 

The price will be $32.


You know it’s true.


OH EM GEE!! The CrossFit Games are upon us.